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Saturday 11/11/23 
10:00am - 4:00pm

During this one of a kind fall retreat we will discuss Vata and how to move through the season with ease.

Learn to use grounding Ayurvedic techniques to soothe, and nourish our body with yoga and massage.


Ananda Wellness & Counseling

1209 S Frankfort Ave ste 300, Tulsa, OK 74120

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The 5 part retreat includes:

-An intro into Ayurvedic seasons, Vata energy and how it impacts your mental, physical & emotional health.

-60 minute workshop on Ayurvedic facial massage techniques including marma point therapy.

-Lunch & intro to Ayurvedic cooking.

-90 minute therapeutic yoga class with yoga nidra meditation and massage designed to warm your body and bring ease to your nervous system.

-Ample time for Q&A, reflection and support in developing an implementation plan to take your practice out of the studio and into your everyday life.

-Swag bag with over $45 worth of Ayurvedic goodies to continue the nourishment at home.

*Lunch is provided and will feature a vegetarian meal with a recipe to follow at home. (Can be made vegan upon request)

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